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Module 1: Prevention of infectious disease: Illnesses are common among young children, and those in the child care setting are at higher risk of getting sick. This risk can be reduced through creating a healthy environment.

  • Learning Objectives
      • Understand what a communicable disease is
      • Recognize increased risk factors for infectious diseases in child care settings
      • Identify four major ways infectious diseases are spread
      • Develop strategies for the prevention of common childhood illnesses


  • Module 2: Prevention of injuries: Young children have a higher risk of injury due to their natural curiosity. The various risks of injury change as children grow and develop.
    • Learning Objectives
        • Explore how a child’s developmental stages influences the risk of injury.
        • Recognize conditions in which childhood injuries commonly occur.


  • Module 3: Nutrition: Serving healthy food and beverages has a positive effect on a child’s development.
    • Learning Objectives
        • Review healthy nutritional standards and their impact on children’s health and development.
        • Discuss healthy feeding practices for infants and toddlers.
        • Review USDA Dietary Guidelines.
        • Re-examine California regulations for food and beverages in licensed child care programs.
        • Receive nutritional resources, including their local CACFP Sponsor.

Preventative Health & Safety Flyer 11-5-2022